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Learning to live with the vision you have from day to day.

Desert Low Vision Services is committed to offering  a comprehensive variety of products to the visually impaired community.  Our focus is not to provide a “miracle”, but to promote “independent function”

We can only work with what vision you have. With the help of vision aids ,people can see things clearly, and are able to independently accomplish many daily tasks again.   How and what you do is a result of of finding the correct device to match the task and discovering  a comfortable technique  to use it.  For example, measuring for the correct strength of magnifier  or learning  the important principals of task lighting can maximize the efficiency of your remaining vision. 

Sometimes finding the “simplest tool” can lift the spirit. 

This is a guide to  some featured products available at Desert Low Vision Services.  We have many more on site.

Contact us for further information at info@desertlowvision.com or 520-881-3439.
Let us help you see the way…..call for an appointment or visit us today.

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