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Generally speaking, magnifying vision aids can help a visually impaired person to see better in order to independently carry out their daily activities, therefore providing a better quality of life.

A visual impairment exists when, despite using the best corrective glasses or contact lenses, vision is still decreased.  The most frequent causes of vision loss are age-related macular degeneration (AMD), diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, and glaucoma.

Desert Low Vision represents  Eschenbach Optik’s  quality low vision optical  aids.  The Eschenbach name has come to mean a comprehensive range of products, quality, and innovation for the visually impaired.  For our low vision clients they have come to mean, “better vision, better life”.

Hand Magnifiers

These magnifiers provide magnification, some also have illumination.  They are for short term reading or spotting tasks.

They are ideal for in-home uses such as looking up a phone number, setting the thermostat or reading the directions on a package.

Portability makes them useful for spotting a price in the supermarket, reading the menu in a restaurant, or looking at a map in the car.

These are available in a wide range of power.  It is important to use the correct power based on your remaining vision and the size of print that you want to be able to read.

The stronger lenses have a more critical focal distance, making instruction in their correct use very important. 

Practice in use of the device is a key to your success!

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Spectacle and Headborne Magnification Systems

Magnifying glasses

Magnification spectacles and other headborne systems can be useful tools for prolonged reading, or other near tasks requiring detail vision such as writing, sewing, or computer use.

One of the advantages of using spectacles is that your hands are free to hold reading material, or a pen for writing.

Spectacle systems also provide a wider field of view in comparison to hand held magnifiers.

Success in using spectacle systems is based on obtaining the correct power of lens, and instruction in its use.

Also, most visually impaired individuals will need to use this aid with additional task lighting for best function.

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Low Vision Distance Aids

Low vision aids

When a person cannot see well enough to see signs, sporting events, television, or other distance objects, a telescope can be used to improve vision.

Telescopes can be hand held.  These are especially useful for short term spotting tasks, i.e. identifying signs, street crossing signals, or identifying a person.

Spectacle mounted telescopes can be used for prolonged distance viewing.  Probably the most common use is for viewing television and sporting events.

There are many choices of styles and powers. It is important to have the correct power and instruction in effective use.

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Let us help you see the way…..call for an appointment or visit us today.

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