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Correct lighting can make reading, and other near tasks easier for the low vision use.  Generally, you will require less magnification power as you increase the quality of light used.  Desert Low Vision Services offers a wide variety of lighting suited for a variety of purposes and preferences.

Versa Handheld Video Magnifier

Luxo Magnifying Lamp
The Luxo magnifying lamp has a +5.00 diopter lens combined with a 22 watt circline bulb. The balance of high light output and magnification affords a simple solution for the visually impaired person to use for reading, and other near tasks requiring detail vision. The 5” diameter lens offers a wide field of view. The lamp is available with a clamp base, weighted table base, or wheeled floor base.

Versa Plus Handheld Video Magnifier

Big Eye Desk Lamp
The Big Eye desk lamp combines high intensity illumination with a +3.00 diopter lens on a flexible neck. A great aid to use at a desk for reading and writing.

The Luxo combination lamp provides a high light output using a combination of incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. This gives the user a natural sunlight lamp, combining all of the colors in the visual spectrum. It is a lamp that individuals with Macular Degeneration prefer. It is available with a clamp base, weighted table base, or wheeled floor base.

Ott’s exclusive better vision series of light offers the visually impaired individual a precise blend of wavelengths and intensity resulting in reduced eye strain, improved contrast, and energy efficiency. There are numerous models to fit wherever additional light is needed.  Even a battery operated  task lamp.


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