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Light sensitivity and glare is problematic for many people with low vision.  Visual function is impaired by glare and loss of contrast.  Various colors of filters can improve eye comfort, visual clarity, and provide protection from UV light.  The color and amount of filter selected is dependent upon the person’s symptoms, ocular diagnosis, and level of remaining vision.

NOIR SunglassesSunglasses can be pre-made to be worn alone or over your current eye glasses.  They can also be custom-made with your prescription.  Anti-reflective coatings, polarization, and Variable tint lenses are also custom options. 

Selecting the appropriate filter to minimize eye discomfort and maximize visual resolution is dependent on an individual sense of what “helps”.  As a rule of thumb for a successful vision assessment, determining the best filter requires balancing light sensitivity issues with appropriate filter color selection.

NoIR Medical Technolgies has been providing fashionable, functional, and affordable low vision eyewear in over 50 colors since 1973.

The NoIR filter systems offer ultraviolet, visible and infrared protection, managing the light that reaches the eyes to maximize functional vision.  By reducing disabling glare and enhancing contrast, NoIR filters often increase mobility and provide relief from the light-sensitivity and discomfort related to most vision-impairing eye conditions. 

NOIR Filter ColorsNoIR and UVShield sunglasses are available in styles with top and side-shield protection and are designed to fit over prescription glasses. 

Chadwick variable tint filters are a choice for those who have problems with glare both indoors and outdoors.  A wide array of colors is available to provide a custom filter that enhances remaining vision.  These filters darken in response to outdoor UV light, and then lighten when returning indoors.  They are made of a safe, durable resin material.

The goal in using filters is to improve the ability to function better indoors and out, and to increase self confidence in mobility for individuals living with limited vision.



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