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There are a myriad of devices that can assist the visually impaired or blind individual to maintain independence and safety in performing daily activities.  Desert Low Vision Services researches the market to find those devices that are practical, easy to use, and high quality.  The following is a sample of our most popular items.  Many more are available on-site.  Purchasing in our store offers you the opportunity to explore that particular device that satisfies your needs.  We always provide instruction in use/care of the item you select, and include batteries if needed.  Please contact us for specific details and pricing. 

large print calendar   large print writing materials   large print pens and templates

Large print writing materials can assist you to keep appointments, phone numbers, and addresses organized and easy to read.  Using a boldline pen with black ink that doesn’t bleed through the paper can be helpful.  Templates guide your writing so that it is always in the correct place.

tactile materials

A variety of tactile marking materials can make it easier to identify settings on your stove, appliances, and thermostat.  You are are only limited by your imagination as what tasks can be made easier using tactile markings.

low vision clocks   loe vision watches

Low vision talking watches simply announce the time in a clear voice.  Some models offer additional features such as alarms, date announcement, and stop watch.  Voice prompts assist in setting all functions.

low vision calculator

Maintaining personal financial records is something that we all want to do indepently and accurately.  A talking calculator or large display calculator can be be used for this.

low vision kitchen aids

Let’s keep you preparing meals. Using large print timers, talking timers, talking cooking thermometers, and protective gloves for placing or removing containers into the oven may be helpful.  High contrast measuring cups, spoons, and special “gripper” spatulas can make these tasks easier.

low vision telephone   Backtalk Telephone

Large number telephones provide ease and accuracy in placing calls independently. Many models are available, both cordless, and desk models. Other features that are available in some models are voice announce caller i.d., and answering machines.

Personal care such as shaving or applying make-up can be easier using a magnifying mirror. Many models are available, both illuminated and non-illuminated. Strengths range from 5x through 20x.

Medial items for visually impaired

Talking Glucometers, Blood Pressure Monitors, Clinical thermometers can Keep you independent in managing Your health issues. Medication Organizers with large print can keep You “on time” and accurate with Medications.

low vision games

Let’s not forget those fun things. Participating in card clubs, or playing board games with your family can be done with large index playing cards, and many large print, Braille, and talking board games.

talking compass

A talking compass can assist with mobility.

Note teller for visually impaired

Identify currency easily with the Noteteller. Keep your wallet organized, and always know the amount returned to you in change.

Color teller for the visually impaired

Use the colorteller to differentiate colors, sort laundry.


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