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Screen Magnification and Screen Reading software programs are available for visually impaired and blind individuals use a computer efficiently.  Today’s full-featured screen magnifiers can magnify all items on a screen, including the mouse pointer, text cursor, icons, buttons, and title bars.  Speech is offered as an option or upgrade with most systems.   These programs read aloud the text displayed on the screen using a speech synthesizer.

Individuals with functional remaining vision may not need a screen magnification program.  Instead, they may use a larger monitor that allows for larger text or graphics.  There are adjustments that can also be made for font size/style, screen resolution, icon size, color scheme, and mouse size/appearance.  On a Windows operating system these are accessed in the control panel.



Zoomtext is a powerful computer access solution for the solution for the visually-impaired. It is avail available in two product versions:

Magnifier -a standalone screen magnifier

Magnifier/Reader – an integrated magnifier and screen reader.

A large Zoomtext keyboard facilitates the use of Zoomtext, with many one touch function function keys in addition to large print , high contrast characters. This is available with with either white or yellow characters on a bl black background.

WinZoomWinZoom Zip

Winzoom screen magnifier and reading software enlarges your computer screen. Mouse enhancements makes your mouse Easy to find. Zoom scroll bars at the bottom and Right of the screen show you exactly where you are. Font smoothing maintains a crystal clear text. It is available either on a disk that can be downloaded or a thumb drive for those using computers at various locations.

Large Print Overlay

Large Print Overlay
An easy way to modify a standard keyboard is to use large print overlays. These are made in several contrasts, and provide a character 4x the size of the standard keyboard.

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